Beyond Running™

The spark that ignited our journey was to place Indonesia at the forefront of the global running culture, not as followers, but as trailblazers. We gathered inspiration and fuel for our innovative process from the center of the equator line, suiting the extreme running conditions. Thus, we created Beyond Running with the help and support by the local running communities.


Beyond Running is a running apparel brand based in Jakarta. Initiated by four like-minded people who see running in a wider range. Through this brand, they want to capture moments, feelings, and experiences when it comes to running. Each collection is built from a collective response of the community under the brand, designed to seamlessly fit in a runner’s wardrobe and tested to suit all running purposes. With Beyond Running, we are committed to not just being a part of your run, but a partner to every step of your journey. We aim to foster all runners regardless of their backgrounds.


Our vision is to build a running apparel brand for all runners that they feel proud to be a part of, with the aim to inspire and encourage all athletes by fusing contemporary style with cutting-edge technology to redefine performance running gear.


Our mission is pushing of what’s possible.