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April 30, 2024 Collection


ENDLESS ROAD Designed for those who pursue horizons and see the journey as almost complete. Created to offer limitless opportunities, embodying the relentless pursuit of personal records. This collection consist of both shortsleeve and longsleeve in our Alpine™, inspired by the European Alps, the highest peaks in all of Europe. Purposely designed to endure warm-weathered…

January 22, 2024 Collection


Celebration of Running In 2023 we’ve seen the running culture grow exponentially, from new communities forming left and right, people are more conscious about what to wear – what gear is in, what is out – to races that are anticipated by many. With the uprising of running, we thought a celebration is needed for…

November 24, 2023 Collection


Beyond Racing Series Photography by Jason Suarez/@notafraid2fail   Feel the ground beneath. Feel the wind against. Feel the energy within. It’s remarkable what you can feel when there’s nothing standing in your way.   Beyond Racing Series, long distance made distraction-less. This collection consists of Racing Tank, Racing 3” Shorts, and two post run tees….

November 24, 2023 Collection


End of Summer Collection Photography by Petra Krissetianto/@cyclistgrapher   Saying goodbye to summer with a vibrant look. This mini collection consists of two muscle tees and some essentials such as caps and socks. SHOP END OF SUMMER COLLECTION

November 23, 2023 Collection


Prototype Collection Photography by Petra Krissetianto/@cyclistgrapher  and Sujatmiko/@sujatm_   As a part of the design process, we took most of the time testing, developing, revising, and redeveloping. After all of our products are on the green, looking back and reflecting on those moments really made us realize how it’s a never ending cycle. Celebrating the…

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